Haynesworth receives community service, no jail time

In a surprise maneuver that should keep him on track with the New England Patriots [team stats], defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth pleaded no contest to simple assault this afternoon in a Washington, D.C., courtroom in connection with groping a hotel cocktail waitress in February at the capital’s posh W Hotel.

Indicted on a misdemeanor charge of sex abuse, Haynesworth, 30, was facing up to six months in jail had he proceeded to a trial that was scheduled to start tomorrow in District of Columbia Superior Court.

Senior Judge Geoffrey M. Alprin, a native of Providence, today ordered the former Redskin to stay away from the victim, a college student, and perform 160 hours of community service. bostonherald.com 

Aright, it’s out of your system Albert.  You grabbed some boobs, most likely paid off this chick, and now you have 160 hours of community service on your head.  That was the old Redskins Albert Haynesworth though.  Grabbing boobs at a 99 Restaurant in New England won’t be as lenient of a crime.

By the way Albert, A+ performance before your court hearing yesterday.


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