Canadien Carey Price does his best Zoolander impression..he sucks

Habs goalie Carey Price poses for the camera in a new ad for Harry Rosen menswear, a clothing store for the well-dressed Canadian man. Harry Rosen is no discount warehouse store; the brand names sold in its stores include Armani, Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabbana.

Items like that are right up Price’s alley. To prove it, Harry Rosen released a video of Price voguing in front of the camera, like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader at calendar shoot but without the bikini, for the advertising campaign. About 12 seconds in, we discover why Price had a 2.35 goals-against average last season: There’s three of him!

I know nothing about fashion.  I don’t own anything Armani, I consistently wear the wrong color socks that don’t match my pants, and I refuse to use a bidet.  But the one thing that ruins this surprisingly good-looking photo shoot, is the dirty looking Canadiens hat.  I understand what the pretentious camera man was going for;  it’s a metaphor that an athlete in a nasty sport such as hockey, can be classy.  But the hat looks like it was found on the floor at the Ocean State Joblot.  Maybe some Montreal jerseys draped over the chairs in the background would help?  I don’t know, I know nothing about fashion, but the hat ruined this whole production for me.

P.S. What’s the difference between pictures 1 and 3?


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