Being a Bills fan ain’t easy


No one likes to see a person laid out on the turf, back flat on the ground, hands facing skyward and eyes — if open — staring into nothing.

Then again, no one likes to see highly paid people fail to do their job.

Football folks are taking some low blows on Broncos rookie Rahim Moore for his high hit on Bills receiver Donald Jones during their preseason game on Saturday. 

Buffalo Bills fans don’t really have a lot to look forward to every season.  They have an absolute shit box of a field in Ralph Wilson Stadium, it’s 25 degrees in September, and their proud chain “Buffalo Wild Wings” absolutely sucks.  So what’s the topic of discussion for the Bills pre-season?  The ridiculous hit that was delivered on their beloved Donald Jones last Saturday night.  And it was a ridiculous LEGAL hit by the way.

So while Patriots fans are pumping confidence into the potentially unfair defensive line, Bills fans are still trying to claim Broncos rookie Rahim Moore’s life and career.  There isn’t a lot of good to come out of a team when all you want is a no named rookie on another team to be beheaded for a LEGAL hit.

So take this in Patriots fans, because this is what other teams in the NFL are discussing.  Not how their team could go 23-0, but a legal, standard, NFL hit.  When it rains it pours for the Bills I guess.

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