Lunch of the Day

Today’s lunch of the day is a lesson to those who enjoy going out to lunch. This simple and bland tasting BBQ Chicken wrap was purchased at the local cafeteria in my office park. Although the size is impressive, the overall experience with this bland filling wrap was horrible. I made the mistake of ordering extra chicken. And with that addition, guess how much this no flavor son of a bitch cost me? $10.58. Ya, and I didn’t get a drink.

There are few times in a man’s life when they feel cheated. Like getting cut in line at the movie theater or giving up your seat on a bus for an older woman. These are tough times in a man’s life that they can’t get back. And getting full off an expensive crap meal is one of those times too. It almost makes you lose hope in the human race.  How somebody can charge double and put so little effort into a meal.

But lesson learned.  Home packed lunches from now on, because that’s a meal with integrity.


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