Patriots embarrass yet another team this preseason

(AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

Ya ya ya I know.  It was only a preseason game blah blah blah.  It was a meaningless game against a team that played their number 2’s for the majority of the game.  But, there is no overlooking how dominant the Pats looked.  It’s pretty clear this team is on a mission to demoralize and embarrass every team they play this year.  Talks of a 23-0 season formed last night, and to be honest, I don’t see why that would be out of the question.  A few things that stood out:

Chad Ochocinco got lit up:

The first ball thrown to Chad Ochocinco didn’t really go exactly to plan.  Chad got demolished by a forgettable Tampa Bay Buc on his first ever touch as a Patriot. The 185 pounder popped right up though, and later on that drive caught a TD pass from Brady. The dude is obnoxious at times, but he is one of the toughest wide-outs in the league.

Brady looks pristine:

Tom Brady threw up video game statistics last night. He was 11/19 for 118 yards and 2 TD’s. He was in full throttle with the play calling, as one of the Bucs defensive lineman was quoted by saying, “My head was spinning the entire game. The dude (Brady) was moving the offense too fast”. The only bad part of Brady’s game last night was his frequent stepping up in the pocket under pressure with guys around his knees. He gave Pats fans heart palpitations twice last night, as both occurrences looked eerily similar to his infamous knee injury.

Woodhead got laid the f’ out:

Woodhead had 5 carries for 63 yards last night to go along with a vicious hit that most likely gave him a concussion (note the spaghetti legs when walking off the field).  Questions circulated to why Woodhead was even in the game that late but that’s just how Belichick does shit.  Hopefully Bill takes Woodhead off of special teams, because Danny might not get up next time from a hit like that.

Say hello to Andre Carter:

The most jacked man in the NFL was on full display last night, as Carter was owning the Bucs offensive line.  Although his numbers didn’t pop out on the stat sheet, he was constantly in the backfield.  No homo, but his arms are a work of art.

78 points in 2 games:

Speaks for itself.  Once again, the Pats have been throwing up video game statistics thus far this preseason.  With 78 points in two games, the offense looks ready to molest any defense in the league.

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