The Ryan Mallett show Part II tonight

In just his second pre-season game in the NFL, Ryan Mallett could become an instant favorite amongst Patriot fans, stoners, and the white trash population.  Coming off of a legitimate performance in his first ever NFL appearance in preseason game number one, Mallett gives hope to the future of the Patriots.  You know, just in case Brady blows out another knee or gets more plastic surgery that doesn’t allow him to do any physical activity for 8-12 months.

Of course losing Brady would be devastating, almost as devastating as Carl Crawford’s current production level this season.  But if that worst case scenario ever did unfold and Brady had to miss an entire NFL season, you can’t tell me that Mallett stepping into the starting role wouldn’t be exciting to watch.  He would be raw and extremely inexperienced, kind of like the first time I was with an Oriental woman.  But it would exciting to watch the young 6’6 250 pound gun slinger do work.

But put that bizzaro scenario on the shelf.  Mallett has to prove himself again tonight against the Bucs until we can rely on him as the backup.  A reliable, non white trash, no dope taking, backup.

P.S. Rumor has it that Mallett can throw the ball 75 yards on one knee.  Must have worked well with the coeds.


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