Jaguars Linebacker who decapitated Taylor Price fined 20k…if he makes the team

Great set of chompers on this guy

Lockley received the fine Wednesday, six days after New England beat Jacksonville 47-12 in the preseason opener for both teams.

Lockley was flagged for unnecessary roughness in the fourth quarter. Officials said the undrafted rookie from Florida Atlantic led with his helmet while hitting Price. The penalty negated an interception.

Since Lockley is not getting paid a regular-season salary, he only will have to pay the fine if he makes Jacksonville’s roster or lands with another team. Lockley also could appeal the penalty.

If I was this guy and I knew I had no chance in making the squad, I would start a preseason reign of terror on the opposing teams.  Because if you can’t get fined, why not at least make a name for yourself and break necks out there.  Just blatant illegal hit after blatant illegal hit.  In all honesty, in that scenario the worst possible outcome would be to make an NFL team.  Because right off the bat you would have to cut a 200k check to the league.



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