Lunch of the Day

Today we have Cajun chicken over rice, with a hearty scoop of eggplant parm on top. Now I know some of you out there think this is an obscene combination and that the meal looks extremely messy. And to be honest,some of that is true. This morning on the way to work a high-school chick almost ran me into the median on the Pike, which would have resulted in me getting decapitated. In the process, my lunch container was flying around in my car like a ping pong ball, thus shaking the items inside at a furious rate. Never the less, the food was still bomb even though my coworkers had no idea what it was when I was waiting in line for the microwave. Some of them said:

“Ooooohhh, some one is a chef” (ignorant comment)

“My ex-husband used to make that for me every Wednesday” (awkward comment)

“No wonder why your skin is so bad” (confusing/demoralizing comment)


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