How Vince Wilfork spent his booster money at the U of Miami

During Vince Wilfork’s playing days at the University of Miami, he allegedly received lump sum amounts of $50,000 in cash along with other illegal incentives from boosters. Vince is a unique individual and probably spent his money in an interesting fashion at “The U”. And as of right now, no reports on what Vince bought with the illegal booster money have circulated. Here are a few possibilities on what he spent his crooked dollars on:

1) Invested 40k into future productions of the “7th Floor Crew Song”
In 2004, the phenomenon that is the “7th Floor Crew” rap song was released. The song was made by a group of University of Miami football players who rapped about the seventh floor of a particular dorm where lots, and lots of female intercourse took place. When Wilfork initially heard this song, he thought it would be top of the charts quality. He threw down $40,000 in order to get the song a music video and notoriety in the music world. Unfortunately, college officials discovered the song before it could take off, and the players involved were punished by the NCAA. Vince’s 40k is still posted on Craigslist under the “missing” tab.

2) Put a down payment on a time share in Wyoming:

One Saturday night at an off campus party, Vince and the boys were well on their way to having a fun, forgettable drunk night.  About one drink away from completely blacking out, big Vince tells the boys that he wants to get away and buy a place in a nice peaceful area where he can relax.  One of his friends jokingly tells Vince to get a time share in a different part of the country, and while holding back laughter, suggests beautiful Wyoming.  Vince stares blankly at his friend, and takes a tall shot of Cosack Vodka, thus blacking out shortly after.  The next morning, Vince discovers he put a large down payment on a ranch time share in Wyoming the night before that is situated in the poorest area of the state.  Disgusted with the decision and lingering taste of cheap vodka in his mouth, Vince sends a friend out to Wyoming to burn down the place so he can claim insurance.  The friend ends up never going, and Vince now uses his time share for storage three months out of the year.

3) Invested 35k in Pogs:

In 2004, Vince received an inside tip from a friend who was big in the “Pog business”.  He told Wilfork that if he purchased a large amount of Pogs now, the value of the purchase would double in five years.  Wilfork gave his friend $35,000 in cash, hoping to double his investment later down the road.  Unfortunately, Pogs never took off like Wilfork’s friend anticipated and to this day, Vince is stuck with $35,000 of Pokemon Pogs in his basement.  Just last year, Wilfork received a remorseful call from his friend who confessed he was never in the Pog business to begin with.

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