Sports Movie Character Breakdown: Chet Steadman

Henry Rowengartner (Nicholas), a 12-year-old Little Leaguer, has dreams of playing in the major leagues.

One day, Henry breaks his arm trying to catch a fly ball and has to wrap it in a cast. Once the arm is healed, the doctor removes the cast and discovers Henry’s tendons have healed “a little too tight,” thus enabling Henry to cock his arm back and fire it forward with incredible force……

Henry earns a tryout at his home, and his fastball is regularly clocked in excess of 100 MPH. The Cubs sign him, making him the youngest-ever major leaguer. Henry’s mother’s boyfriend, Jack (Bruce Altman), whom Henry dislikes, signs on as Henry’s agent. Henry is awestruck to be in the presence of some of his heroes, including his idol Chet “Rocket” Steadman (Gary Busey), an irascible pitcher in the twilight of his career…….

Chet Steadman

Character Objective:
To remain the Ace pitcher in the Cubs’ rotation and go down as one of the greatest starters in team history.

Character Pros:
Veteran, tough, grinds out games, allegedly knows baseball, loves Salisbury steak, determined

Character Cons:
Has a thing for teammates moms, is a moron at times, out of shape, can’t accept his dying career, butts heads with management, quits his team before the playoffs, gives horrible advice, orders Salisbury steak on planes

Scenes that didn’t make sense:

The “have to” speech:

To this day, I still have no idea what Steadman was trying to tell Henry.  I understand the idea of the situation.  A veteran pitcher tries to give the rookie player advice he doesn’t have and ends up confusing himself and Henry.  But I feel like it could have been easier/funnier to come up with something else than the “have to”.   Or was it “have-ittude”?  Not only is this scene not funny, but it still confuses the shit out of anyone watching it.


As Mr. Steadman is blowing the lead in a crucial game with the playoffs on the line, the manager threatens to take him out.  With runners in scoring position, and the count not in his favor, he mouths over to his manager “One…more”.  Not only did Steadman say these words at an incredibly low volume in a stadium that is going crazy late in the game, but he doesn’t even mouth the words good enough for his manager who is more than 90 feet away to see.  Oh, and on that “one more” pitch, Steadman ripped apart everything in his shoulder.  You deserved it Chet.

His love for Salisbury Steak:

Heading to an away game on the plane, Steadman orders one of the best meals he has ever had.  According to him of course.  That meal you ask?  Airplane, microwaveable Salisbury steak.  A plane ride to Detroit only goes best with frozen Salisbury steak.  Everybody knows that.  Steadman gives the infamous quote regarding his meal, “This is the best Salisbury steak I’ve ever had”.  You can tell Gary Busey wanted that line in there, because he probably is an avid Salisbury steak eater.  The producers had a choice, put the line in there or find a new Chet Steadman.  They made the right decision.


When it boils down to it, Steadman is a washed up pitcher who really knew absolutely nothing about baseball.  Looking back on it, it’s truly a miracle he made it past the collegiate level with the amount of baseball knowledge he has in his brain.  Not only that, but his fastball topped out at around 73mph on the gun.  Blazing stuff.  But you have to hand it to Chet.  He made the most out of having a pre- pubescent boy as a teammate.  He banged his mom.  And because of that, you’re OK in my book Chet.


Maybe the best character of this movie-


4 thoughts on “Sports Movie Character Breakdown: Chet Steadman

  1. Chet Stedman's Mom says:

    Chet Stedman literally threw out his arm pitching for the team he loves in a blaze of electric guitar because he wanted just “ONE MORE….” and to save a game that “the kid” blew for his team because he doesn’t watch where he’s walking. Mr. Stedman should be honored as a saint. Moose should be ashamed for this piece.

  2. Bill Frick says:

    Oh my god, its me, Bill Frick. Henry ruined my life with the “floater.” By the way, what the gardenhoser did the whole Mary thing have to do with anything. I should have charged and tomahawked that little kid for taking so long on the mound. I now am a fill in caveman for capital one commercials. I had it all, now I live in Henry’s boat in the woods when he’s not looking.

    Truth – I brought in Reebok and I brought in peps!!. The butt cut boyfriend was my puppet.

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