Rapid Reaction: Kobe Bryant fights in church

Chicago Sun-Times  – A man claims that Kobe Bryant injured his wrist during an incident at a San Diego area church on Sunday, KFMB-TV reports. According to the report, Bryant and his wife Vanessa were attending mass at St. Therese of Carmel when Bryant accused the man of taking pictures of the Lakers star with his cellphone. Bryant allegedly grabbed the phone away from the man, but returned it when he found no pictures, the report said. The man claims his wrist was injured when Bryant grabbed his phone, and reportedly seeked treatment at a hospital.

Can a man go to church with his wife and be left alone?! No matter where you go somebody has a stupid cellphone and thinks they are all of a sudden a famous photographer. Well newsflash for you SIR, you are not a photographer and your phone sucks. I, Mr. MBA, have a 3D phone, so I am allowed to take 3D pictures and videos of Kobe and his smoking hott wife whenever I like, but 2D cellphone pics? Give me a break and cut the malarkey.

Oh wait, there were no pictures on the phone? Oh… my bad. Well, don’t point your phone in Kobe Bryant’s direction! Shit. This guy is lucky he didn’t get raped. Just kidding, Kobe was never found guilty.

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