Jim Thome sent 600 condoms for hitting his 600th home run

Twins slugger Jim Thome probably received hundreds of congratulatory phone calls and text message after hitting his 600th career home run on Monday night.

While a bottle of champagne and a steak dinner are suitable gifts to offer an aging slugger, one company opted to send Thome and his teammates some protection.

And I don’t mean a gun.

CBS’ Eye on Baseball blog is reporting that NuVo Condoms send the DH and his teammates 600 condoms, according to a release posted by the blog on Tuesday. NESN

Well if this isn’t the biggest buzz-kill gift in the world I don’t know what is. After reaching a monumental statistic, I’m guessing all Thome wants to do is get wasted and find a groupie to have a little fun with. After receiving awesome gifts and phone calls from friends and family, some stiff company (no pun intended) drops a box full of 600 condoms on your good time.  Hey while were at it, why don’t we have a slide show presentation on the negative affects alcohol has on the body at the celebration party too.  Complete buzzkills all around.


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