The Grossest Sounding Speech of All Time

Dennis Rodman was inducted into the Hall of Fame this past weekend for a career full of rebounding, defense, and unprotected sex.  His game was unique and energetic, as he was known for getting into his opponents heads and staying there for a full game.  But despite his career and his induction to the Hall, he might go down for having one of the grossest sounding induction speeches of all time.  When a man fights back tears, the objective is to shut it down and avoid talking.  If you try to talk while you are fighting back tears, you speak in a “crying language” that is inaudible and foreign.  Throw in the unavoidable mouth noises, and you have yourself a horrendous sounding speech.  And by god, Rodman did just that:

(1:12 mark)

Rodman kicks off his speech with a quivering “Hold On” that sounds like its coming from a dying catfish.  Rodman’s voice is strange by itself, but a quivering Rodman voice is just bizarre, and hilarious.

(3:22-4:00 mark)

A series of burps, chokes, throat clears that sound like hes choking on five olive pits.  No hesitation by Phil Jackson either.  Am I the only one that was kind of worried that he couldn’t breath? Kind of…..


Seriously what is wrong with his voice?  So gravely and clogged.  Gross


Again, the Kermit the Frog impersonation voice comes out.  At-least he kept it consistent throughout the entire speech.  Consistent and tough to listen to.


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