NFL considering women officials: Best or Worst Idea?

It's doubtful the NFL will have as smooth as a transition with women referees as the NBA did

NFL V.P. of Officiating Carl Johnson told Jane McManus of that he expects to hire a female official for the league.

Though Johnson doesn’t publicly evaluate potential referees he stated that several women are currently under consideration to be hired, and that he expects to hire one to officiate in the NFL. “We have some in our pipeline, and I expect we’ll see it soon,” Johnson said.

Let me be clear. I am not misogynistic or sexist. I love women and everything about them. The people who think women aren’t on the same playing field as men are morons (but in some cases are right). But with that being said, women in the NFL is backwards. NFL officials go through a training process that is thorough, detailed, and at times can be grueling. The NFL expects their officials to be perfect in every facet of the game. They are hardened so they can take the obscene and barbaric trash talk that occurs on NFL fields every Sunday. Because lets be honest, NFL trash talk is unlike any other sport. Officials have to ignore and shake off the horrendous things they hear every game.  And if women are officiating these games, you can bet the Bar Mitzvah money sexist and derogatory comments will be made towards them.

There aren’t technical fouls in the NFL, so coaches and players have a much longer leash.  And when you have a 6’5 worked up monster with a long leash, it can create an uncomfortable situation…especially for a woman.  All I’m saying is that women haven’t been exposed to anything like the NFL.  It’s a different breed of athletes that are stronger and faster than any other sport.

If woman want to ref NFL games, fine.  I don’t have any issue with it.  I just hope the NFL doesn’t change their rules or alter the game because of them.


5 thoughts on “NFL considering women officials: Best or Worst Idea?

  1. Guar says:

    Women should be able to do anything if it is physically possible….If the NFL has such animals playing and their coaches can’t control them, THEN the refs should step in. Football shouldn’t be a game for smut mouth,stupid bullies who are out to hurt their opponent. Maybe women would put a little class into a barbaric game which is getting worse every game.

    1. blakeshake3jw55 says:

      put a little class into the barbaric game? Lol pleaes for the love of god do the sport of FOOTBALL a favor and kill urself lol.. faggot

  2. Michelle Tafoya says:

    Do not call attention to NFL gender issues. I will be exposed for my awful insight, ugly hats and general lack of football knowledge.

  3. Adam blake says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? Can’t u dipshit feminist retards just leave football alone??? Women in sports is literally the most annoying shit on the planet. Its a joke. Anytime a woman is calling a college game ( football or basketball) I immediately change the channel. In fucking believable man. I’ve played minor league and arena football for 5 years and if I ever had a fcuking woman call pass interference on me knowing damn well she never played a down of football in her entire PC era life…I’d have a hard time not choking slamming the shit out of her little ass.seriosuly man women know JACK SHIT about football. Just leave it the fuck alone. Stop RUINING the NFL with ur chickenhead soap opera bullshit. It’s bad enough the NFL and ESPN has women commentating and analyzing games now you want to put some 5’5 105 pound slut in the middle of the game. The day that happens Is the day the NFL is officially a joke. Is already gotten extrememly PUSSIFYED over the years. This is such a fucking joke man. Un real man..un fucking real.

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