Darren Sharper, Houshmandzadeh potential Patriots?

T.J. Houshmandzadeh won’t be the only big-name veteran paying a visit to the New England Patriots this week. Free-agent safety Darren Sharper, a 14-year veteran and a key member of the New Orleans Saints’ 2009 Super Bowl-winning squad, told NFL Network Sunday that he will work out for the Patriots on Monday. NFL.com

T.J.. Houshmandzadeh:

Career Receptions – 616

Career Receiving Yards – 7091

Career TD- 43

Patriots are looking for a backup slot receiver for Wes Welker, so does this mean goodbye Edelman? With the emergence of Taylor Price and the Patriots now looking for a veteran backup, it’s almost certain the Jew is done (it’s OK, I’m his kind)

Darren Sharper

Career Tackles – 943

Career Interceptions – 63

Career Touchdowns – 11

Goodbye Brandon Meriweather? Numerous sources say that the Patriots are giving young Brandon until the end of camp to straighten out his play on the field. The pickup of Sharper throws extra pressure on Meriweather to get his shit together or else he will be joining the Chiefs or Broncos like the rest of former Pats that were cut.


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