25-year-old Boston kid wins the PGA Championship

Boston Herald — When he showed up at the Atlanta Athletic Club yesterday morning, Keegan Bradley carried his own clubs inside from the parking lot. By the time he left, about 14 hours later, he was carrying the Wanamaker Trophy instead.

The snow-covered fairways of Vermont, where Bradley grew up, and the ones at Hopkinton Country Club, where his father was the club pro when Bradley won the Massachusetts Division 2 high school title in 2004, are fallow ground for golf. While a good time can be had there and the game can certainly be well learned, they have never produced the kind of golfers who win major championships, with but one exception.

Twenty five years ago, New England’s courses gave golf Pat Bradley, one of the greatest female players of all time and someone who laid claim to six majors, including three in 1986. Yesterday, they gave her a nephew who won his first in his first try, the 93rd PGA Championship.

Keegan Bradley entered the PGA Championship as a 25-year-old major championship virgin but came away with a load of a trophy. Who cares if he is the nephew of a golf legend… yes it’s pretty cool, but the dude’s from Boston and that’s all that truly matters. The Hopkinton Mass native is a huge Boston sports fan and we at the Jam’ love him, so needless to say, the headquarters went nuts as we were all working hard on a dreary Sunday and then “K Brad” comes from five strokes back to win the PGA Championship in a playoff. Not only is this dude wicked good at golf, but he has some sweet style (see photo on the right).

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