Shaq wants to fight Danny Ainge

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is a (large) man of many hats.

The former Celtic and host of his own reality show has shown interest in MMA over the years and now that he’s retired, we may even get to see the Big Aristotle in the octagon.

But who in their right mind would throw down with Shaq? The big fella has five former NBA players on his radar, as seen in the video below. 

If Shaq said this ten years ago, I would tell Danny to find Whitey Bulger’s hideout and chill there for a couple years until Shaq forgot about him.  But the 2011 version of Shaq just isn’t intimidating anymore.  He is a walking carnival on two bad legs that loves face-time.  So when it boils down to it, Shaq is just a decaying monster that could be taken down with a leg sweep or two.  I’m not saying Danny could take him, but if he were smart he would work on kicking Shaq’s knees like when the Rock used to work on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s un-healable knee-braced knee.  It’s all strategy, so relax and think about this Shaq before you potentially lose to an old guy from BYU.



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