Is it time for the Patriots to get rid of this?

It doesn't help that a white, backup center leads the team out either

The inflatable helmet tunnel has been around since the 90’s and although most trends from that time period have died, this one has not. It’s about time the Patriots wash their hands with the giant, hokey, looking inflatable helmet tunnel. It would be fine for teams like the Bills or Redskins, but not for the New England Patriots. When you have prestigious players and coaches like Brady and Belichick running out of a giant plastic and rubber moon-bounce type helmet, it creates a cheap amusement park theme. It doesn’t help that the helmet’s face-mask (above) opens up down the middle like a low grade petting zoo cage. It just doesn’t look right.

The Pats should revert back to a straight up tunnel entrance. No helmet, no open face-mask, and no fog. Actually fog looks pretty bad ass so that can stay.

Maybe I’m nitpicking after a dominating performance last night, but inflatables and the Patriots just seem like a strange relationship.  If someone on the Patriots is smart, they should say something.  I’m going with Edelman, because if they disapprove of the idea he is going to be cut anyways.

Taylor Price for president.


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