Seidenberg’s Day With Lord Stanley

Dennis Seidenberg in my opinion, celebrated his day with the Stanley Cup the right way. He celebrated in the armpit of America, New Jersey.  But we can overlook that because this guy did some pretty cool things with the Cup.

After lunch Seidenberg and his family gather back on the boat for the christening of his and wife Rebecca’s new child, Noah. It’s not the first time Lord Stanley has assisted in a ceremony of this nature but that doesn’t make it any less special.

Just kickin’ the day off by christening your child.  Are you kidding me? That has to be the coolest way to ever be christened. This kid Noah is automatically going to grow up being nasty at hockey, it’s science. Great start to the day Dennis.

When people go to casinos, they’re usually hoping to see a lot of money. But today, visitors to Caesars Palace in Atlantic City saw something even more priceless: the Stanley Cup.

Seidenberg then took the Stanley Cup to a casino. Casino’s by themselves are unreal. I mean you’re drinkin’, you’re gamblin’, your checkin’ out the waitresses, it’s the American way. Now, you add the Stanley Cup. That is a pair that beats a full house. It’s also awesome because New Jersey sucks, and a Bruin celebrating down there is more or less exactly what I’m talkin’ about. Suck on that Snooki.

The oldest trophy in all of sports and the oldest bottle of champagne in America — it’s a perfect marriage. Caesars staffers popped open a bottle of champagne from 1729 — which they said was the oldest bottle in the country. As Queen’s “We Are The Champions” played from the speakers, Seidenberg and his wife posed for pictures. Then, it was drinking time.

We’ve got a few, just absolutely awesome things going on here. The oldest bottle of champagne in America? From year 1729? The year the car was invented? The civil war? History is not my bag. But who gives a shit? It’s the oldest bottle of champagne in America and it was used for a Boston Bruin celebrating with the Stanley Cup. That’s just unreal. And then you have Queen playing, that had to be an epic scene. Champagne that Abe Lincoln drank is being poured as “We Are the Champions,” rains down. I may have cried if I was in attendance, and not because of all the money I lost gambling. Way to go Dennis Seidenberg, you have raised the bar for all of us and we salute you.


One thought on “Seidenberg’s Day With Lord Stanley

  1. Vero says:

    Just so happened to be walking through Ceasar’s on our trip to AC from Boston. Dennis and the keeper of the cup were so welcoming to the two of us fans and invited us into the party. Best night of my life. Kissed the cup for goodluck!

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