Delonte West denied access to play overseas…because hes insane

Celtics unrestricted free agent guard Delonte West tweeted moments ago, “Can’t even go get that overseas money. Judge said it’s a no go on leaving the country.” In mid-July 2010, West was sentenced to eight months of home detention as a result of the weapons charges that cost him the first 10 games of this past season.

While the home detention ended in March, West still faces two years of unsupervised probation. Based on his Twitter comments, West will not be allowed to seek a deal outside of the country during the lockout. 

Many things can happen in the United States of America. An average man can win millions of dollars by hitting the right lottery numbers, an eight year old singer can become an overnight sensation due to youtube, a dog can walk on it’s hind legs for hours, but do you know what isn’t allowed in America? To let a dude who was caught with multiple sawed-off shotguns on a motorcycle with bi-polar disease leave the country.

But hell, it was worth a shot Delonte. Like guns ever killed anybody….


5 thoughts on “Delonte West denied access to play overseas…because hes insane

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