Friday Night Lights: TV Series

Mic check one…one….one, two… Guar in the house,

Guar is an avid television watcher, mostly VH1 reality shows and still awaiting for Rock of Love 3 or I Love New York Season 16. However, many people have advised me to watch the TV series Friday Night Lights on NBC. Although I still have a personal vendetta against NBC for canceling one of my all time favorite shows Las Vegas, I gave it a shot. The show is set in Dillon, Texas a stereotypical small town located in the heart of the Lone Star State where football rules everything. I became instantly hooked with the very attractive cast and football story lines. The hectic high school relationships also played into the story line that made Dillon High School seem like a bang fest. Anyways, with the end of the final season, Guar still had many questions and was not completely satisfied with the ending.
I don’t know if a relative of Susan B. Anthony somehow snuck onto the writing staff, but the last season seemed to revolve around the women of Dillon. First with Julie Taylor going completely off the deep end.  With the affair with a musty teachers aid, then getting married to the high school hero Matt Saracen at the age of 19. Most college girls her age have casual blackouts due to too many shots of  horrible cheap vodka, and wake up with bruises and cuts on the body with no clue how it happened. Julie Taylor gets married and apparently lives happily ever after in Saracen’s art studio in Chicago. Then Coach Taylor coaching a high school in Philly where his wife works instead of being a head coach of a division one college team. CMON MAN!
I have never seen a more awkward relationship than Becky and Luke Cafferty. The whole getting pregnant story line was a little much, at least for Guar. I haven’t seen a more bizarre start to a relationship since HHH married Stephanie McMahon live on RAW. Also was not a fan that Becky replaced Lyla (played by Minka Kelly) and Tyra on the show as the young hottie. Let me just state this that Becky is NO Lyla or Tyra. On the 90s hotness meter, Tyra and Lyla are the Jennifer Love Hewitt from “Can’t Hardly Wait” and the Julie “the Cat” Gaffney of the twenty-first century. I just wanted to see Luke kill it at Dillon East then go on to college ball like Smash Williams. Although he didn’t get any division one scholarships, he did receive interest from a division three school. The show made division three football look like the worst possible scenario for him. Luke I get it, you rocked the shit out of Texas high school football and D3 ball is for some roody poo candy asses that just happen to play football. Sorry there is so much bitterness, but Guar is a recently retired D3 football player. It may not be Texas high school football, but D3 is still…who am I kidding either team from Dillon would have laid the smackdown on any D3 team.
Lastly that leaves Mr. Tim Riggins. Tim Riggins is the guy everybody wants to be. Gets belligerently drunk at least 5 times a week, crushes games on Friday night, and runs through girls of Dillon faster than Fulton Reed’s slapshot. Fresh out of prison, he attempts to get his life back by working at a local bar to support his American dream of buying acres of land and building a house. I always wondered, what would be the next step for Tim Riggins? Just hang out all day, get drunk, hunt, watch the sun set, drink more, and be known as the town badass? Sounds like the perfect life for Guar, god speed Tim Riggins.

It’s sad to see the show end, but don’t worry FNL Jammers, the news was broke to me via text from a very reliable source that a Friday Night Lights movie based on the TV series is in the works. So for know keep your eyes clear, you hearts full, and can’t…can’t…well like Coach Taylor’s new team in Philly, Jammers just work on it. The Boston Jam and Texas forever, Guar out.

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