Summerslam RAW Recap

In the last episode before Summerslam, the stage was set for the main event match. The contract signing between CM Punk and John Cena was the main event on RAW last night. Guar is always disappointed when the main event is just a promotion of the upcoming Pay-Per View event. Guar is also dissapointed in the fact that John Cena is in the main event yet again. You know Cena, I get it, you wear jean shorts, Jordans, headbands on your steroided rich arms, and try to mock people like the Rock. Nobody, and GUAR MEANS NOBODY, can talk shit like the Rock.

Guar misses the old wrestling days, when the WWE (WWF) Championship could change hands on any given episode of RAW. Guar remembers when he was a little jabroni and Mankind winning the title live from the great city of Worcester, Massachusetts. In typical late 1990’s wrestling fashion, Corporate Rock lost the title to Mankind after Stone Cold came out smashed the Great One with a chair, and in one..two..three, Mick Foley had the greatest title in sports entertainment.

In Guar’s opinion, the WWE needs a new superstar. There are a couple of rising stars, but the man I would like to see is Mason Ryan. There are rumors that he has been injured from an “out of the ring” incident, but I am anxiously waiting for the return of one of the biggest humans I have ever seen. I wanted to leave wrestling Jammers with a montage of one of Guar’s favorite childhood memories. More to come later after Summerslam, adios.

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