Sports Movie Character Breakdown: Randy “The Ram” Robinson

The Wrestler is a 2008 sports drama film directed by Darren Aronofsky, written by Robert D. Siegel, and starring Mickey Rourke,Marisa TomeiEvan Rachel Wood, and Ernest Miller. Production began in January 2008 and Fox Searchlight Pictures acquired rights to distribute the film in the U.S.;[3][4] it was released in a limited capacity on December 17, 2008 and was released nationwide on January 23, 2009. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on April 21, 2009 in the United States. It was released in the United Kingdom on June 1, 2009.[5] Aronofsky considers The Wrestler to be a companion piece to his 2010 film, Black Swan, as both films feature a character with a demanding art.

Rourke plays an aging professional wrestler who continues to wrestle matches in an attempt to cling on to his 1980s heyday despite his failing health, while also trying to mend his relationship with his estranged daughter and find romance with a stripper.

Main Character:
Randy “The Ram” Robinson

Character Objective:
Get back to being a star wrestler, rekindle a relationship with his daughter, and for some reason try to marry the local loose stripper (Marisa Tomei).

Character Pros:
Shows tremendous amount of resilience, former wrestling superstar, hard working

Character Cons:
Open steroid abuser, left his family for the money and fame, blows cocaine in local bar bathrooms, has unprotected sex with diseased infested groupies in public, dumb, is in love with a stripper, refuses to let a heart attack slow down his steroid usage, dies his hair bleach blond, lives in a van, has to smell like garbage water

Scenes that didn’t make sense:
Coffee at the strip club
– In one of Ram’s hundreds of visits to a strip club, he orders a cup of coffee. Not only is this the most bizarre drink choice at a strip club, but the bartender serves it right away like it was a local diner. Coffee and boobs, no better combination.

Little kid comes into Ram’s trailer to play video games
– Granted it is a trailer park and adult supervision isn’t the first priority, but when an eight year old kid frequently enters a drug abusing, unpredictable former wrestler’s den to play regular Nintendo, the scenario comes off a bit strange. The only uncomfortable thing missing from this scene is a funny cigarette and a pack of cheap beer.

The Deli scene when he slices his hand to shreds:
– An outburst? sure. A breaking point? absolutely. But how the hell did that cut not get infected. Sure Ram was homeless and his immune system was built up to an inhumanly level, but I’m pretty sure a meat slicer that slices hundreds of pounds of meat will do the trick.

When it comes down to it, this movie is one of the most depressing sports movies in the last ten years. It shows a wrestler who had it all, and still can’t give up the dream of getting back to the bright lights. Although Ram was a bit boring and the movie was slow at times, you have to be a fan of this. This movie is sad because it is true. To my understanding, this is the perfect depiction of wrestlers that performed in the 90’s. They become drug addicted, depressed, and fall in love with mediocre looking strippers. If wrestlers from the 90’s don’t die due to steroids, they go through a long, slow, painful death like Ram. It’s funny because it’s true.

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