Goosebump City: Patriots will wear Myra Kraft patch on jerseys

It appears the Patriots will honor the memory of Myra Kraft by wearing her initials as a jersey patch this season.

SportsCenter tweeted a picture Tuesday morning of different patches that will be worn by NFL teams this season, including New England’s, which will feature the letters “MHK” in white lettering inside a blue oval with a silver border.

Kraft, the wife of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, died on June 20 after a long battle with cancer.

The Patriots made a similar gesture in 2007, when they wore a decal with the number “91” on their helmets in memory of defensive end Marquise Hill.

And this just put an official stamp on the Patriots winning the Superbowl this year. If they didn’t have enough motivation already with three straight playoff losses, Brady climbing the age ladder along with Belichick aging as we speak, the Pats now have Myra Kraft patched on their jerseys for the season. Even Haynesworth has to see this patch as motivation for every game. Well actually, don’t expect much from big Albert on the emotional side but Brady will not lose this year with this thing stitched on his jersey. You can bet the Bar-Mitzvah money on that one.

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