Fan bear hugs Arena Football player during game

“I’m pretty sure that’s not legal.”

The commentator summed up nicely a bizarre play during Monday night’s Arena League playoff game between the Jacksonville Sharks and the Georgia Force.

Georgia kick returner CJ Johnson received a kickoff in the back of the endzone when a Sharks fan reached over the back wall and bear hugged him.

The play was whistled dead, and several Sharks players came over to high-five the celebrating fan.

This was the highlight of this fan’s life.  If you told this guy before the game he would be on TV while touching a player, he would probably vomit and soil himself out of pure excitement.  But isn’t it funny how little this arena football player’s life is valued?  This fan had this player in a strangle/bear hug for about 8 seconds until the referee finally stepped in.  Maybe in those 8 seconds the guy could have had a knife and slit the players throat.  I don’t know, and I don’t condone it, but I’m pretty sure this fan could have murdered this kick returner with ease.  Cold blooded ease.

It didn’t help that the opposing players ran over and gave this dude high fives and shit.  Pretty sure the coach almost gave him a jersey to suit up.



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