Real Madrid loves young boys

MADRID — He has a contract with one of soccer’s biggest clubs and the same long, floppy hair and nickname Leo of his idol, Lionel Messi.

It may take awhile, however, before Leonel Angel Coira can match the wondrous Messi: He is 7 years old.

Real Madrid said Monday it signed the Argentine prodigy to its youth academy after seeing him in tryouts. He will start training with Madrid’s youth team Sept 6.

Just in time to shit on my post about the New England Revolution’s 16-year-old scoring his first goal, Real Madrid signs a 7-year-old. Really? He’s seven! This kid is definitely going to be a cocaine addict by the time he is 12 and a reality TV star by the age of 17. He may never touch the field, but at least he has that stuff going for him.

When I was seven I was too playing soccer. But it looked a little more like this:

P.S. For those of you who don’t know, Leonel was signed to the club’s Youth “team” or program. Meaning he will be playing with other kids his age. It’s similar to getting a scholarship to a boarding school, just for one of the best soccer clubs in the world. But odds are he will still end up a cocaine addict.


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