Patriots sign former Jet Shaun Ellis

The New England Patriots made another move to upgrade there enormous defensive line by adding long-time New York Jet defensive lineman Shaun Ellis to the front.

“The fact that he [Ellis] chose them … there’s no way I’m going to wish him well,” [Rex]Ryan said Sunday. “There’s no chance of that.

“I wish him to be healthy, but I don’t want him to play that well. But he knows. I know the way he is too. He’s going to be revved up, ready to go, and our guys will be too. So it will be fun going against him.”

New England has been looking to upgrade its pass rush and it believes it will do so with the 34-year-old Ellis, who has played 11 seasons with the Jets after New York picked him with the 12th overall pick of the 2000 draft.

Are you kidding me? I think we all figured this was going down since it is a perfect match for New England, fat and old. The Patriot’s defensive line has the potential to be unstoppable. Wilfork, Haynesworth, and Ellis combined almost add up to 1000lbs of pure meat. Whether or not the Pats run a 3-4 or 4-3 defense (Ellis has played in both) is still up in the air, but with that much flab my guess is they will keep the 3-4 going. To do that they need to grab a linebacker, so I guess we just wait and see.

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