Worst Potential Starting QBs in the NFL

5. Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos: The golden boy will have to compete for his job after all. Tebow and Orton will go head to head in training camp as the Broncos decided not to trade Orton, probably because Tebow is the most inaccurate quarterback in football. When Tebow throws a football he looks like those wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men in front of car dealerships. At least Tebow will sell some jerseys and possibly a couple of used Hondas for the team.

4. Alex Smith, San Fransisco 49ers: Number 1 overall pick out of Utah=big mistake. He actually doesn’t have terrible stats (QB rating of 72.1, 51 touchdowns, 53 interceptions), but he’s not good. Rookie Colin Kaepernick out of Nevada should probably win the starting job, but adding a headache like Braylon Edwards to team up with a rookie can’t be a good start for the kid. For now it looks like Alex Smith is number 1 which makes the 49ers number last place.

3. Chad Henne, Miami Dolphins: I was a believer in Chad Henne until last season when I realized he is never going to get better. Henne has a career QB rating of 75.3 to go along with 27 touchdowns and 33 interceptions. The Dolphins brought in Matt Moore yesterday to compete with Henne. Moore has a career 73.9 QB rating, good luck picking the better of the sad quarterbacks Miami.

2. Charlie Whitehurst, Seattle Seahawks: In just 8 career games, in which most of them he took a snap and kneeled, Charlie has a miniscule 65.5 QB rating, 507  yards, 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. For some reason a bunch of teams like this guy, yet he never gets a starting job. This year should be his time to shine, but then the Seahawks brought in Tarvaris Jackson to fight for the starting job. Either way, the Seahawks will have one terrible starting QB.

1. Rex Grossman, Washington Redskins: The “gross man” is a classic 30 year-old bum quarterback. The ‘skins traded away their only hope at being slightly decent in Donovan McNabb so that Grossman can spread his wings and fly. Yes, the same Rex Grossman who has a 70.9 career QB rating and played a full season once in his 8 years as a pro. A 54% completion percentage and having 40 touchdowns to 40 interceptions might not seem too bad on the outside, but believe me when I say this, Rex Grossman is a TURKEY.


3 thoughts on “Worst Potential Starting QBs in the NFL

  1. Ronaldo Sanchez says:

    tebow could be good but the others all suck. good points. and anonymous i bet the only one who wont be the starter on there team is tebow and maybe smith. but they will all start atleast 1 game for there team

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