Sean Avery is just the worst type of person

Sean Avery makes me visibly upset. He is always starting something, whether it’s one the ice, or in this case, off the ice.

Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Jorge Pardo tells City News Service that a neighbor’s noise complaint sent police to the home at about 1 a.m. local time Friday.

Pardo said Avery answered the front door, shoved an officer and slammed the door but cooperated when officers knocked a second time.

This just boggles my mind. So, let me get this straight… Avery acted all tough and reckless during the first knock. Then, he cooperates with the second knock? If you’re gonna’ be a bear, be a grizzly. You can’t shove down a police officer, slam the door in their faces and then go along with what they say the second time they knock. It just doesn’t add up. I’ve done the math. I wonder if he threw a hip check on the cop? If so, that would be pretty awesome. But, nonetheless, Avery is out on $20,000 bail. The Rangers declined to comment on anything just yet. Clean it up man.

Sometimes Sean Avery…I wonder about you.


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