Michael Beasley hits a fan… classic Beasley

NEW YORK — The latest stop on Kevin Durant’s tour of the New York City streetball scene nearly turned ugly on Thursday night when fellow pro Michael Beasley got into an argument with a heckling fan and pushed him in the face with an open hand…With Beasley facing off against Durant, things got heated early in the second half when Beasley started jawing with a group of heckling fans, at one point yelling “I get paid for this!” toward the group…He then approached one fan and shoved him in the face. Security guards stepped in to diffuse the situation. Shortly after “mushing” the fan in the face, Beasley approached him again to shake his hand, but the interaction escalated and Beasley had to be restrained by security. –ESPN.com

Excuse the blurry picture, but this is what it looked like when Michael Beasley went mental… again. This guy has a laundry list of issues since he has entered the NBA. I was one of the idiots that thought Beasley should have been the top pick in the 2008 draft over Derrick Rose. Boy was I wrong. In fact, there are probably about five players in the top ten other than Rose that should have been picked ahead of Beasley. His talent level is through the roof, but he is a maniac. Shoving a fan in the face is Ron Artest crazy and I’m beginning to feel like Beasley’s career is either going to be cut short due to a prison sentence or it will just never amount to what his talent could produce.


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