Chiarelli’s Day With Lord Stanley

One of the men responsible for putting the puzzle together that was the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins, is none other than GM Peter Chiarelli. It was his day with the Cup, and he kicked it off by bringing it to his old stomping grounds, the University of Ottawa. Chiarelli attended law school at Ottawa, which means he may or may not be smarter than everyone on the TBJ staff…combined. But, you know what? We’re cool with that.

The next stop is the Nepean Corona School of Gymnastics. Getting to carry the Cup into the gym were Alicia Chiarelli, Peter’s wife, and their son Cameron.

Of course, you take the Stanley Cup to the Nepean Corona School of Gymnastics… it’s a must. If your in the area, one of the first places you visit is the Nepean Corona School of Gymnastics, where they greet you with a cold Corona and a free Hawaiian lay. Okay, the whole part about the Corona and lay is more or less made up, but it sounded nice on this Friday afternoon, didn’t it?

Alicia jokingly said Peter could handle himself quite well in this kind of gym.

Nobody wants to see Chiarelli do anything that remotely looks like a cart-wheel. We’re all set.

The Chiarelli family decided to surprise many unsuspecting Cup fans at a Tim Hortons. A short visit to get a cup of ice coffee becomes a long visit, when many onlookers get photos with the world’s most famous trophy.

I can just see Chiarelli getting so pissed at himself for thinking that this was a good idea. He was probably thinking, “Why the hell didn’t we go through the drive-thru? God dammit, this is getting annoying.” Apparently, everyone and their mother was at this specific Tim Horton’s and word traveled fast, as people from other places of business in the area made their way over to see Stanley.

Peter Chiarelli’s Uncle Bob was the next to welcome the Cup into his home. With a red carpet laid out at the entrance of the house, many family members and friends got there chance at meeting the cup. Uncle Bob, a former collegiate hockey player and former Mayor in Ottawa.

See, this is how you do it. Uncle Bob sounds like the man. Brining out a red carpet, now that is just classy. I’m upset that this hasn’t been done more. Uncle Bob used to be the Mayor, he clearly knows how to throw together a party that would make your head spin. I think the Chiarelli’s celebrated the right way. They did it all: visited schools, had the world’s longest coffee visit, and brought the house down at Uncle Bob’s. Not exactly how Shawn Thornton would go about it, but great nonetheless. Tip of the cap to the man who always seems to have a dip in his mouth when they show him on camera. Thanks for bringing all the pieces together, Pete.


One thought on “Chiarelli’s Day With Lord Stanley

  1. Bianca says:

    Great aotndidial comment! You girls need to keep on this subject& help people get the mes sage! God bless! ps hey Coll, I thought you guys all loved the circus!? How could you not love John the clown,from ringling bros(JohnWeiss) lived across the street from us in Selden. He and his wife got married on elephants during a performance on tv<actually the wknd I had you, you and I watched your 1st circus performance that wknd from our hospital room! keep up the good wrk. I love you. Godbless

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