Sidney Crosby Rooted for the Boston Bruins

In an interview with, Brad Marchand talked about a lot of things. Most notably, his contract talks with the B’s and a few texts and calls he received during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

By the way, the Bruins have to sign Marchand. Let’s figure it out here, and let’s get it done soon. Training camp is less than 6 weeks away and we can’t let the “Nose Face Killah” go.

Marchand noted that he got a call from Pittsburgh star and fellow Nova Scotia native Sidney Crosby and a text from Chicago captain Jonathan Toews, who roomed with Marchand on a Canadian under-18 team, congratulating the Bruins on winning the Cup.

“They were rooting for us, so that was pretty cool,” Marchand said.

Sidney Crosby is a douche, right? Maybe not. Here I am, walking around thinking Sidney Crosby is grade A douche. Turns out, he’s alright. He wanted the Bruins to win, and that is more or less exactly what I’m talking about.  Jonathan Toews is the man, clearly he wanted the Bruins to win. So, suck on that Vancouver, you silver medal winning scabs.

This is where the interview visibly upset me.

Marchand also revealed a surprising friendship with another former Team Canada teammate who is now a bitter rival. He’s remained friendly with Montreal defenseman P.K. Subban, despite the heated rivalry between the clubs and the fact that Subban sidelined him for several games after a clean, but brutal, hit in December.

I hate rocks in my shoe, the word moist, spiders, dancing with the stars, the letter v, and a 1-0 pitcher’s duel where you pay $125 for a ticket and it’s the most boring game in the history of the world. But there are few things I hate more than the Montreal Canadiens, and now Brad tells me he’s friends with one of these creatures? Not only that, but arguably the worst guy on that team. However, Brad redeems himself.

When Murphy asked if Marchand still owed Subban one for that hit, Marchand replied with his usual mischievous smile,
“I’ll take a run at him if I see an opportunity.”

He may respect Subban and all, but if Marchand sees an opportunity, in true Bruins style, he will lay him out. And you know what? I dig it.


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