Jacoby Ellsbury is so hot right now

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

To put it simply, if Ellsbury was in your high school you would hate him.  A 6’1, tan, chiseled, athletic, presumably hung baseball player that rips the cover off the ball.  The girls in high school must have drooled over Ellsbury, and according to the traditional high school jock prototype, I’m guessing Jacoby must have plowed through his female high school population like a corn field.

And after the past two nights (and season up to this point) Jacoby has been that All-Star baseball player that every woman in Boston wants to make squeal.  In baseball terms, Jacoby has made Cleveland his bitch.  Two games with two walk off game winning hits.  Pretty sure Ellsbury is one game winning hit away from a midnight visit from Menino’s wife.  And I don’t blame her for the numbers that Jacoby has been putting up so far this season:

BA: 317

HR: 18

RBI: 65

SB: 31

Peter Gammons thinks Ellsbury is now an MVP candidate.  And that would just be another accolade to throw on the resume that would make your girlfriend leave you at the drop of a hat for the guy.  Probably going to stop bringing dates to Fenway now…


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