Charles Barkley Runs Out Of Patience With Tiger Woods….. Is That Right Chuck?

Charles Barkley and Tiger Woods, once fast friends, haven’t spoken to each other in nearly two years.
And now that Woods has parted with another of his friends, longtime caddie Steve Williams, Barkley has run out of patience.
“It’s been very frustrating to watch everything that has transpired,” Barkley said Wednesday on ESPN New York 1050’s The Mike Lupica Show, “and getting rid of Steve Williams was probably the last straw for me.”
“You think you’re friends with a guy. You talk to him once a week for 15 years. You’re like, this dude is my friend, we do things, we have fun together,” Barkley said. “I haven’t talked to him in two years and I’m wondering what the hell is going on.”
“I’m sitting back like everyone else and saying, what the hell is going on? I just feel sad, to be honest with you,” Barkley said. “You’re like, dude, who is around this guy, who has his back, who has his best interest, who doesn’t want anything from him? I don’t know why we haven’t talked to him in a couple of years.”

Courtesy Mike Ehalt &

Don’t get me wrong here, because I love Sir Charles and everything he’s done over his career. From his starring role in “Look Who’s Talking 2” with John Travolta, to his ridiculous, sometimes non-English resembling rants on TNT every night where he looks and sounds like he just polished off a box of Franzia wine and a bag full of Coney Island hot dogs, Chuckles is 9 times out of 10 pure entertainment. But when it comes to bashing another man for how he handles his off-course actions, Charles is like the obese girl in the lunch room giving weight loss advice to the woman who just had a child two weeks prior.

Let’s take a look at his track record:
Exhibit A: While in Phili, Chuck spit at a fan in the stands, which actually landed on a female fan (great take home souvenir).
Exhibit B: He admitted to losing roughly 10 million dollars through gambling over his lifetime. And although that may seem like a lot to the majority of the human race, Chuck still is philanthropic when it comes to the Vegas lights and sports booking to this day.
Exhibit C: The DUI incident. You know, the one where Chuck was stopped for speeding drunk, and when he was asked why he was in such a hurry, he confessed willingly that he was in a rush to go meet up with a female to receive some oral sex. It wasn’t as politically correct as that, but you get the point.

So although I think he’s great for T.V. and my personal enjoyment, the facts are facts. Barkley has absolutely no business throwing horse manure on another man’s name when his is already littered with horse flies and a stench similar to B.J. Raji’s gym bag. You said it yourself Chuck, you are NOT a role Model.

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