Madden 2012: Top 5 Gunslingers

Today we take a look at the top 5 QB’s who will be holding it down this year in Madden ’12. I agree with the top 5 here except for Phillip Rivers. How the hell is Phillip Rivers on this list and Mike Vick isn’t? I don’t know, and I don’t like it. Clean it up EA, clean it up. Let’s see how the top 5 stack up against each other:

#5- Drew Brees (96 overall)

Brees is always hovering around the top QB’s in the NFL, whenever there is a debate.

Highlighted by 99 throwing accuracy short, 92 throwing accuracy middle, and 85 throwing accuracy deep.

Brees has always been accurate, and his numbers in Madden ’12 show that. He can absolutely bomb it down-field. He can move better than Rivers, Brady and Manning, which makes him a threat to throw on the run. Brees has shattered the “Madden curse,” as he had a very productive season while being the cover boy for the video game franchise. Still don’t know what that scar on his face is from, but maybe that gave him a few extra points in the throwing accuracy category.

#4- Phillip Rivers (96 overall)

I don’t like Philip Rivers, so I’m not even going to talk about why he is the #4 QB on this list.

#3- Aaron Rodgers (98 overall)

Aaron Rodgers rings in at #3 and I like it. Out of this top 5 list, Rodgers is quickest of the QB’s, with a 79 speed. Now that isn’t blazing  by any means, but compared to Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers, the Super Bowl MVP could run laps around these two ass-clowns. His acceleration is also very impressive for a QB and he has a lot of weapons to use up in Green Bay. Next year, maybe he too, will be ahead of Peyton.

I’m talking about 79 speed and 84 acceleration to go with that 95 throwing power and 92 throwing accuracy. Only 88 awareness, though, for the champ? No respect.

#2- Peyton Manning (98 overall)

Surprised that Peyton wasn’t a 99 overall.  After last season, Brady made a strong case for why he should be better than Manning. Albeit, it’s by 1 point, but a win is a win. Brady and Manning are pretty comparable in most of the big categories.

Where Manning beats Brady is in awareness (99) and foot speed (60 speed).

It’s true, Peyton Manning beats Tom Brady in speed with a 60. God, that is terrible. Whenever you play Madden with Peyton or against him, he always completes the pass no matter what. I agree with the 99 awareness, but I don’t know if he is faster than Tom.

#1- Tom Brady (99 overall)

That’s right. The #1 QB in Madden ’12, is none other than our very own Tom Brady. The only QB to have a 99 rating this year in Madden, so suck on that New York Jets and Peyton Manning.

The Good: Tom has 98 awareness, 97 accuracy, 99 stamina and 95 toughness. Just beautiful numbers right there. If a receiver is open, he’ll find them. Brady has a lot of targets to hit this year, and with numbers like those, the Patriots are going to be tough to beat.

The Ugly: Tom has 58 speed and 57 acceleration. I skipped the bad category because those 2 numbers right there are downright ugly. However, it won’t matter because Brady boasts a 97 accuracy. He can make it rain out there. 95 toughness ain’t so bad either.

Stay tuned for more Madden updates as the release of the game approaches at the end of the month.

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