God help me if my unborn daughter does this to herself…

So at the bar last night, enjoying some buffalo tenders and a Makers Mark stiffy, I looked up to notice the only sport that was on television at 7:34 PM on a Tuesday.  And wow.  Not because I realized I watched more than 3 minutes of  a WNBA game but the fact that one of the players looked like the Birdman. Wow. I’m not against tattoos in any way, but if my unborn daughter ever inks herself like Seimone Augustus she will become the modern day version of Oliver Twist.

A full length sleeve for a woman is a ballsy, ballsy move. Because as everyone knows, when women age they gain weight in strange areas like their arms. To pair the arm weight gain with the full sleeve tattoo seems like a poorly planned life decision. Strangely enough, as men age, they seem to gain weight in the stomach and lose weight in the arm area, thus creating a real life version of Mr. Potato Head.  But the full sleeve tatt wouldn’t look nearly as bad in 20 years on them compared to women.  Both are bold moves, but in the end I’m going to have to check off the “against sleeve tattoos for women” box.


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