Belichick says Randy Moss is one of the greatest players he ever coached

FOXBORO, Mass. — Bill Belichick was hesitant Tuesday to speak about Randy Moss’ retirement.

Maybe it’s because of the state of professional sports these days, when retirements can last as long as celebrity marriages. Or, maybe Belichick knows something that no one else does.

Either way, Moss’ agent told ESPN that his client was retiring Monday, and Belichick offered his thoughts when asked about the subject.

“I think I’ve said many times that Randy is one of the great players that I’ve had the opportunity to coach,” Belichick said. “I don’t know that I’ve seen him make that announcement. Maybe I missed it. Has Randy been quoted on that?”

When told that Moss’ agent made the announcement, Belichick responded, “I don’t want to speak for Randy, but of course I think he was a great player. I think that will be recognized in time, at some point, really how exceptional of a player he was. He made a lot of contributions to our football team during the time he was here. I enjoyed coaching him, and I enjoyed our relationship off the field as well as on the field.” 

This is what separates the Patriots from every other team in the NFL. Randy Moss, one of the greatest players to ever be coached by Bill Belichick is praised up the ass during his time as a Patriot. And the second his productivity decreases, he is shipped out of town faster than a suspected witch during the 1800’s (actually they just used to straight up murder suspected witches but that’s not the point). If there is one thing people can learn about the “Patriot” way is that a player can be great. They can even have future Hall of Fame status. But when they start to crumble or lose a step, they are gone. Just like that. Love or hate the “Patriot Way”, it’s going no where.

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