Sports Movie Character Breakdown: Rudy

Rudy is a 1993 American sports film directed by David Anspaugh. It is an account of the life of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, who harbored dreams of playing football at the University of Notre Dame despite significant obstacles. It was the first movie which the Notre Dame administration allowed to be shot on campus since Knute Rockne, All American in 1940.
In 2005, Rudy was named one of the best 25 sports movies of the previous 25 years in two polls by ESPN (#24 by a panel of sports experts, and #4 by users).[1] It was ranked the 54th-most inspiring film of all time in the “AFI 100 Years” series.

Main Character:

Daniel “Rudy” Ruetigger

Character Objective:

To attend the University of Notre Dame and play for the football team

Character Pros:

Hard worker, doesn’t take no for an answer, will sleep in a custodian shack, will outwork anyone in practice (below), persistent, independent

Character Flaws:

Never takes off his stinking Notre Dame jacket, tries to hard in situations where you shouldn’t try hard, at times can be a whiny bitch, no real sense of reality, is kind of a scumbag as he abandons his family, incredibly dumb, obnoxious at times, apparently a shitty lover because his girlfriend bangs his brother.

Scenes that didn’t make sense:

– Icing his body and taking up space in the training room:

After Rudy gets his shit pushed in after every practice, he takes his broken body to the training room.  Not only is he taking up valuable space in the training room that starters could be utilizing, he is demanding attention from the training staff as well.  If anyone has played on any type of sports team, you know that the worst player on the squad doesn’t deserve star medical treatment.  Not even star medical treatment, but consistent star medical treatment.  Learn your role Rudy, because I bet one of those times you were lying on a trainers table, an All American needed his ankles taped but you refused to be pushed aside.  It’s downright selfish when you think about it.

Game Broadcaster calling Vince Vaughn’s character a failure:

And guess why this happened? Rudy.  It all stems back to the Friday practice before the final home game, and Rudy decides to go all out on the second string running back.  Low and behold, the running back (Vince Vaughn) loses his shit and the coaches decide to demote him to the practice squad.  All because a practice player went out of his way to go 500 mph in a walk through practice.  I don’t blame ya Vince, Rudy pulled a bullshit move.

-When Rudy sacked the quarterback on the final play:

Not only was I told that this never happened, but how about calling off the late game blitzes coach?  The game was out of reach for the opponent, but for some reason the Notre Dame defensive coordinator is calling suicide blitzes with 11 seconds left in the game (below).  Bush league move to say the least…


Although Rudy is the kid that no one really liked because you couldn’t have a conversation without him telling you how hard he would work and that he “never gives up” on anything ever (he really drives this point into the ground, almost to the point of being arrogant) he somehow, someway, stirs the emotional pot of every man in the final scene.  But why?  He’s such a dork who is an idiot.  Rare combo, but Rudy is just that.  I guess the real look game play paired with the unreal music does the trick.  Rudy is a douche-bag, but the theme music to this movie is crack.  No debating it.

Have fun humming this all day at work..


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