So is this the best part of being in the NFL?

Wes Welker goes to town after today's workout

Being a professional football player in the NFL has it’s perks. You are paid millions of dollars, you are in top physical shape, you are adored by women of all ages, and people will most likely recognize you for the rest of your life. But to me, having all of that is the stereotypical glitz and glamors of the business. So you want to know what’s important to me? Moose? Free food.  But I’m not just talking about any free food.  I’m talking well prepared free food that is fit for NFL bodies.

If anybody knows any member of the TBJ staff, then you would know that we are food fanatics. I mean we have a damn Lunch of the Day segment for god sake.  So you can imagine the sensation it would be for me, Moose, to have a buffet table of premium grub after a practice or workout.  It would be incredible and the variety would rival Epcot Center.  One tray you would have BBQ chicken, the next tray you have pork lo-mein with a meatball tray coming up.  It would be off the charts and anyone who is downplaying the awesomeness of this perk is a bum.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the drink selection these guys have…

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