Roddy White is Pissed the Lockout is Over

“So pissed that they said we starting thursday went shopping to make myself feel better had plans to spend the weekend with my son,” White tweeted, apparently using a keyboard or smartphone that lacked a “period” button. “Thanks nflpa,” he added.

So let me get this straight…Roddy went to the mall and bought himself some nice items. I imagine maybe a pair of alligator shoes, some diamond earnings that have his initials on them, and of course a couple of pairs of jeans with diamonds on the back pockets. Now, he has no place to wear them because he has to get back to work.

Listen Roddy, everyone in the world is foaming at the mouth now that football is back.  This is situation is bigger than you, you turd.  You may have led the league in catches last year, and you might be the reason I lost a fantasy football playoff game, but now…I wonder about you.


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