Skee-Ball League Comes to Boston…Ya, exactly

Skee-Ball rules, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like it might lose its awesomeness once you turn 12, but hey, who am I to judge?

Well, fans of the game will have a chance to show off their Skee-Ball skills in a more adult setting starting Thursday night at the Greatest Bar, near Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston. (

SkeeNation bills itself as the “premier skeeball league” in all of America and keeps a comprehensive list of amusing former team names that have participated in the league. (

“Premier skee-ball league,”… is there another professional Skee-Ball League that isn’t as premier? I would love to hear some of these amusing team names that were used in the past.  The Greatest Bar is where you can go to put up shut up, and show off your Skee-Ball talents. I think it would be somewhat awesome if the tickets that you exchanged for a pencil eraser or a bouncy ball as a kid, could be exchanged for beers and shots, now that you’re an adult and all. And you could combine tickets with your friends to buy a bottle or something awesome.

It won’t be all just fun and games, well technically it is a game, but the winners of this tournament, however you go about determining a winner in Skee-Ball, receives Red Sox tickets. That is a pretty awesome prize for a game that gets old after 7 minutes. Am I going to the Greatest Bar tonight? Maybe. If I go, am I entering this tournament with the team name of Skee-Ballin’? Yes, until I come up with something more creative.


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