Orioles third baseman Mark Reynolds is OK in my book

AP Photo/Winslow Townson

In a world of phonies and pretend hard-working people, it’s refreshing to see someone accept the fact that they’re defeated. As Big Papi ran the bases at a painfully slow pace following his home run last night, the lead that the Orioles had, had been evaporated and Baltimore started to look like the classic Orioles once again.

Orioles third baseman Mark Reynolds lead the charge with his “f*%k it, I’m not driving” attitude by restocking his mouth with salty sunflower seeds as Papi passed him on his home run trot (above).  And because of this little act of laziness, careless, what’s for dinner after the game type attitude, Mark deserves respect. Not because he tried “really” hard for the first couple innings, but because he proved he’s not a fake SOB like the majority of the players out there. He could have pretended to encourage his team by slapping his glove while saying stupid encouraging banter like “It’s still early guys we can still do this”, but he didn’t.  Mark exemplified true leadership by giving up on last night’s game at the midway point.

So listen up kids, giving up on things is OK as long as you really mean it….like Mark Reynolds.


2 thoughts on “Orioles third baseman Mark Reynolds is OK in my book

  1. Sgt. Manetti says:

    Well done Moose. I like the “if you win, you win, but if you lose, I still get to go to work with an orange bird on my shirt attitude.” His “job” is better than retirement and college put together and he knows it.

  2. CHart says:

    I like Reynolds’ style here. Just another day at the ball park. A homerun is a homerun no matter how far you hit it. I’m sure there’s been hundreds of occasions where he has stood on the field while an opposing player circled the bases. He probably figures its going to be a long night..better finish off this bag and grab a new one for next inning..might be out here for a while.

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