The best of the best 4th of July combinations

I was all out of the new Bud cans so High Life was the obvious choice

On America’s day, each individual enjoys themselves in a certain way.  Whether it be enjoying a frosty brew or just being with family, everyone has their own specific preferences in order to have a good time.  For me, and I’m sure for many others, enjoying yourself comes down to preparation and having the proper materials and resources at hand.  Having the right combination of items in a certain setting is crucial for maximum enjoyment.  Check it out:

1) Sunglasses + beach

Not only should you bring these to protect your eyes from the violent UV Rays that us Americans have helped get stronger over the years, but the eye shades are key for discretely observing the lady folk.  When you find a nice slab of real estate on the beach and end up watching the crowds of people roll by, having the proper eye wear to check out the “better” Americans is indispensable.  I mean this in the most un-creepy way possible, but there ain’t no wrong in looking.  No law against that…at-least that’s what Wikipedia says.

2) The Iced coffee/beer combo

This 4th of July combination might be the most important to those who like to get nasty at night at the local watering holes.  There is no other drink on the planet that will jumpstart your decaying, booze infested brain than 32 ounces of caffeine.  Not only will you breeze past your afternoon hangover but this buzz will last you well into the night.  The booze mixed with the caffeine definitely isn’t good for the old heart, but sacrifices need to made in order to have a good time.

3) The white shirt + bar 

No better way to show off the horrible burn you sustained during the day than throwing on a bright white tee-shirt when you head to the bar.  This will show the extreme/radio-active looking color you received from the sun.  The contrast of colors from your face to the white shirt will get you some serious looks from the lady’s.  Some good, mostly bad.


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