Celtics add two Boilermakers…because Seabass said so

Cam Neely probably didn’t have any input when the Celtics drafted two Purdue Boilermakers last night in the NBA Draft, but he would probably agree it was a decent night for the green in a “ehhh” class of talent.  Jajuan Johnson was taken by the C’s in the first round at the 26th spot.  Although his first name sounds made up (even for today’s society), scouts think he may be able to chip in off the bench and be a semi impactful player.  With the body of a young Al Jefferson, Johnson can pick his spots on the floor while understanding the limitations of his game.  If he can provide more of a spark off the bench than the rotting Troy Murphy did, then last night’s draft was a success.

Oh ya, the Celtics also drafted E’Twaun Moore from Purdue as well, but lets face it….the guy has Gabe Pruitt written all over him.


One thought on “Celtics add two Boilermakers…because Seabass said so

  1. Chino says:

    These Boilermakers are legit! As Michael Jackson would put it, “I love these kids!!!”

    DA was finally sober for once and actually made some sound decisions. Seriously thought the guy would pick up a Scalabrine 2.0 to boost team morale. Haha

    For the love of Boston and all that is holy, please land D12!!!

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