Jo-Jo Reyes May Be The Most Hated Man In Canada

“NEW YORK (AP) — Jo-Jo Reyes says his winless streak isn't bothering him. His only focus when he steps on the mound is the next pitch, regardless of the hitter or the ballpark. Everybody else has certainly taken notice. The left-hander matched a major league record Wednesday by making his 28th consecutive start without earning a victory, leaving after three frustrating innings of the Toronto Blue Jays' 7-3 loss to the New York Yankees. Reyes hasn't been the winning pitcher since June 13, 2008, when he beat the Los Angeles Angels as a member of the Atlanta Braves. His 28-game winless stretch matches that of Matt Keough, who didn't win a game for the Athletics from Sept. 6, 1978, to Aug. 8, 1979.” (

Look when I first heard about this last night while I was watching the Yankees game, I sort of felt bad for Jo-Jo. I mean it wasn’t like the guy was going out there and throwing lollipops over the plate or handing out snow cones in the outfield. He was trying to win the game. And that’s when my conscious snapped back into focused, and I realized how big of an ass clown not only Reyes is, but also the entire Blue Jays organization… 28 consecutive losses. I repeat, 28 consecutive. How does that even happen? You’d figure that after the 20th loss little Jo-Jo would get sent down to the minors to help his psyche. But no, they kept and still keep throwing him out there like a leg of lamb in shark infested waters.

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