Greg Oden to the Celtics?

“The C’s need to do something big.
This might sound crazy, but what about Greg Oden?
I know, I know. Oden was the No. 1 pick in the draft four years ago, and he’s since played exactly 82 games. Three quarters of the time the Blazers have taken the floor since 2007, Oden has been nowhere to be seen. The big man is now 23 years old, and his career has hardly begun.
Wait a minute. Oden is still only 23, and his career’s hardly begun!…..
Here’s a fact that’s gone relatively overlooked over the last four years: Oden, when he plays, is actually an extremely good basketball player. His per-36 minute averages for his career: 15.3 points, 11.9 rebounds and 2.3 blocks. He’s a 57.7 percent shooter and a hell of a defender. If he gets healthy and finds his rhythm in this league, he may turn out to be the All-Star-caliber center we all expected him to be.”
Believe it or not, I like this potential move.  Sure Oden is a younger version of Jermaine O’Neal.  Not the former All-Star version of Jermaine O’Neal, I’m talking a younger looking version of the current Jermaine O’Neal with bad knees, a big ass, and decent defensive skills.  BUT…unlike O’Neal, Oden has potential.  Even though he has the knees of a 65 year old mattress mover, he just could, somehow, someway, be a productive player for the Celtics.  When healthy, his numbers speak for themselves.  He is a walking double double (the same was said about Troy Murphy but that’s neither here nor there) that hasn’t scratched the surface of his capabilities.

Greg Oden = 2011-2012 NBA Comeback Player of the Year

Need more proof?


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