How did Tyler Seguin celebrate his breakout performance last night?

(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Tyler Seguin IS the buzz around Boston today.  The 19 year old had 2 goals and 2 assists in last nights 6-5 win over the Lightning.  Seguin has broken out this series, and is beginning to look like the player that everyone built him up to be.  But the glaring question still remains…How did Seguin celebrate his performance last night? His age restricts him from getting rowdy at local watering holes, so what did he do?

Here are a few scenarios that might have played out last night:

1) Seguin goes through his post-game press conference, answered questions, returned phone calls and text messages, and goes to bed.



2) Chara decides that Seguin earned a night out with the “big” boys and takes him out on the town.  Chara sneaks Seguin into a bar, and they proceed to take shot after shot of Captain Morgan’s rum (Chara’s favorite).  Chara insists throughout the duration of the night that the bar tab is on him, as the two become belligerently drunk.  Seguin becomes violently ill, due to the fact that he was trying to keep up with Chara who is roughly double his size.  Seguin passes out vomiting on a pinball machine and out of panic, Chara leaves the scene.  When Seguin gains consciousness, he is greeted by the police and a $900 bar tab.


3) Seguin is thrilled about how he played and rushes to the locker room after the game in order to call his dad.  He gets his father on the phone and asks with excitement and expecting praise “So, what did you think?!?!”.  His father replies “Oh shit, that was tonight?”.


4) Seguin leaves a facebook status reading “2 goals, 2 assists and 1 great win…love ya!”.  123,564 people “like” it.


5) Seguin tries to buy beer at a local liquor store.  He parks his car and asks a homeless man to buy his beer for him as he hands the hobo $100.  The homeless man purchases the beer and comes out of the store with a 30-pack of Bud Light.  As the homeless man is giving the beer to Seguin, he vomits on him.  The next morning, Seguin is diagnosed with bronchitis, pink eye, and strep throat….he misses the remainder of the series.


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