That was disgusting…GO BULLS

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Everyone saw this coming but nobody wanted to actually see it unfold.  It was a predictable Celtics game from the start.  They played better than the Heat for the first three and a half quarters, and then the Heat showed why they are the most hated team in sports.  The celebrations that ensued were as painful to watch as the one guy one jar video (for the love of God don’t look it up).

Celtics lose 97-87
A few things from tonight’s game:
1) Get Rondo to the nearest hospital
In a way, it’s good the Celtics lost.  Rondo had one good arm and a horrible back.  Fill his body with morphine and get that elbow surgically repaired tonight.  Get him healed then make him shoot thirty million 17 foot jump shots this summer.  Celtics in 2012!!….

Ugh, that just sounds so unrealistic right now.

2) Chris Bosh..
Chris Bosh just passed Lebron James for the most intolerable athlete in sports.  I still don’t know why Doc Rivers never summoned Troy Murphy to undercut Bosh’s knees.  Just didn’t make sense.

3) Doc Rivers: “More than likely coming back”

After the game, Doc Rivers told reporters he will most likely come back next season.  Amazing.  This is the only good news that came out of tonight.  The only thing that would make tonight a litter better besides Doc coming back, would be if I found out Chris Bosh and Lebron James jumped out of hotel windows because they tried hallucinogens for the first time at a post game celebration.  It would be even sweeter if the autopsy proved the drugs weren’t real, and they were faking “being high” the whole time.  Gaudy freakin’ assholes.

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

4) Get Shaq out of the Celtics organization ASAP
Get this man as far away from this Celtics team as soon as possible.  I can’t stand to even look at Shaq after he made everyone believe he was a better center than Kendrick Perkins.  Almost positive he made more money in appearances this year than he did playing basketball.  Thanks for brainwashing the city of Boston.     


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