Dennis Rodman wants jersey retired in strip club

“The New York Post reports tattoo enthusiast and recent basketball Hall of Fame inductee Dennis Rodman will retire his jersey at a strip club tomorrow.
Rodman is celebrating his 50th birthday at Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club in New York, and says he wants his number 10 jersey to hang in the rafters permanently.
Apparently he wants it there to remind all the patrons that no matter how creepy they act, they will never out-creep the Worm.
There’s not many ways to make a 50th birthday spent at a strip club more sad, but I’d say this is one way to do it.
The dancers will be sporting Detroit Pistons  jerseys, for a while anyways, and its not apparent whether Bulls fans are relieved by this or insulted.”

Laugh now, but Dennis Rodman might be setting the precedent for all soon to be 50 year old retired NBA players.  Before you know it, strip club rafters will be filled with former NBA player’s basketball jerseys and thick condensation from stripper sweat.  The stench that will accumulate on those rafter jerseys will rival Osama Bin Laden’s dead rotting gums…..horrible stuff.  Rodman must be jubilant because he knows he will get a free buffet meal at that strip club every day of the week.  He also needs the meal because he’s a broke, alcoholic, junky.

PS.  I’ll bet my Bar Mitzvah money for the second time today that Rodman ends up dead in that strip club within the next 2-3 years.  


3 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman wants jersey retired in strip club

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