A Sunday Night in East Boston

When I got back to my humble abode in East Boston a few hours ago, I decided that it was too nice outside to waste time playing NHL 11′ and watch DVR’d Tosh.0s, so I figured I’d go sit on my deck.  My deck is pretty peaceful for the most part, but there was some action going on in the new neighbors backyard about 20 feet from my seat. I was sitting in a Spike Lee esque seat to watch two 14ish year old kids box the shit out of one another.

The Match-up:

Juan Diaz-DeJesus:
Height: 5’7

Weight: 102

Favorite Show: Bones

Sean Elliot
Height: 5’1
Weight 154

Favorite Show: Jackass

On one side we have a spark-plug, fast as hell Hispanic fighter, who most likely is going to have supreme form and lay some quick punches…which he did….and VERY frequently.  On the other side, we had a hefty little lefty who got straight up dominated in this fight, just receiving facial blow after facial blow by his quicker, longer opponent.

But the story of this fight to me is that the short fat kid battled hard. He was asked by the hype man, 17 year old Hector Garcia, several times if “we was gonna keep going” and this kid got his ass kicked for about 8 minutes. It was the longest most one-sided fight I have ever witnessed and I was a regular spectator at “the pit” (L-town place where fights and wood’s parties go down) from about 10 to 18 years of age.

After the fight I chimed in with the most white-boy neighborly feedback “nice job guys, hey make sure that the fence holds up it looked a little bit wobbly at times.” (head nod from hypeman) That was my cue to go inside. Goodnight.

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